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"Glitches", crashes and computer errors. Solve the problems themselves /Zhukhovtsev MD, Prokdi RG, Finkova MA /2013
"Glitches", crashes and computer errors. Solve the problems themselves /Zhukhovtsev MD, Prokdi RG, Finkova MA /2013

This book will serve you as a lifebuoy in many critical situations that can arise from a computer: your computer does not boot, the computer "slows down", the system experiences constant glitches and glitches, video does not play, sound is lost, when the computer is turned on, "squeaking "Sounds, but Windows does not boot, and much more.
A separate chapter is devoted to the recently widespread problem of locking a computer. When all actions on the computer are blocked, and the screen displays an inscription asking to send a paid CMC to a certain number, and then you will receive an unlock code. So, the book tells how to unlock the computer without paying money(by the way, sometimes after sending the CMC nothing happens, and the computer remains blocked). A similar problem is considered for cases of blocking your VKontakte page and Classmates.
There is a chapter devoted to the problem of unreadable CDs and DVDs. There is a chapter dedicated to restoring Windows functionality. There is a chapter devoted to solving problems of automatically launched programs and unwanted processes in the system. There is a chapter Yes, many more things are!And all in the form of understandable step-by-step instructions without unnecessary details. The book will certainly be useful to all computer users!

Chapter 1. Where are the failures and how to avoid them
1.1. Two roads, two roads.
1.2. What you need is for the computer to work stably for a long time, without problems and without failures
1.3. What means are provided to combat the already arising computer problems and failures
Chapter 2. The most common small "glitches" and problems with the computer
The computer does not turn on
There is no image on the screen, but the system unit "noisy"
The computer began to "brake", it was very slow to work, glitches
began to appear. The computer turns off automatically after a few minutes
The movie
is not shown. The keyboard
does not work. After inserting a CD or DVD, the computer hangs
The program
is not installed. The sound of
was lost. The date
fails regularly. The computer became very "noisy"
The disks of CD and DVD
ceased to be read. The game
does not start. The program "hung"
Chapter 3. Your computer is blocked, you are required to send SMS with payment
3.1. Computer locking is the result of the action of the SMS virus
CMC viruses blocking the system
CMC viruses that block access to the Internet
Information banners in browsers
Information banners on the desktop
CMC viruses that block accounts
3.2. How does the CMC virus infect the
virus. 3.3. Is it worth to pay
3.4. How to remove the lock itself
Shutting down the computer
Virus search in the process list
Virus search in the list of assigned tasks
Search for suspicious files on the computer
Selection of deactivation code
Virus removal in safe mode
Unblock accounts on the sites
Checking the hard drive on another computer
Download from LIVE CD
Editing BIOS settings
Reinstalling the system
3.5. How not to get infected with SMS virus
Chapter 4. Computer viruses and problems associated with them. How can viruses get on the computer?
4.1. Computer viruses
Distribution channels
4.2. Trojan horses
The propagation of
Types of Trojan horse bodies
Symptoms of Trojan infection
Methods of removing
The principle of the Trojan
4.3. Spyware
What is spyware?
Ways of infection
4.4. We treat from viruses
Antivirus programs
Scan files for the virus
Chapter 5. Files, documents, photos on the computer were lost. How to find?
5.1. Search for files in Windows XP
5.2. How to find the file you need, if you remember only part of its name?
5.3. Search in Windows 7 or 8
Simple search
Indexing of
Alternative Search Types
Advanced search
Chapter 6. The computer began to "brake"
6.1. Trimming the system of garbage and errors
6.2. Features Ccleaner
6.3. We clean in the system
Cleaning the hard drive
Clean the Windows registry
Uninstalling applications
Chapter 7. Get rid of the automatic launch of unwanted programs, "hanging" programs and "bad" processes
7.1. Control over autoloadable programs
711. Standard tools
In Windows XP
In Windows 7 and in Windows 8
712. With the help of special programs
7.2. Control over the processes occurring in the system. Task manager
Using the Task Manager
Which processes are good and which are bad. Description of the processes
Chapter 8. In the system of permanent glitches and glitches, Windows refuses to work. How to restore Windows
8.1. Recover windows XP
Restoring Windows XP
Creating recovery points
8.2. Recover Windows Vista
The procedure for restoring Windows Vista
Creating recovery points
8.3. Recover Windows 7
831. Backup and restore Windows 7
Creating an image of the system
Create a recovery disk system
Restoring the computer from a backup image of the system image
832. Backup files
Restoring files from previous versions
833. Restore the computer to the previous working state
834. System stability monitor
Chapter 9. When the computer boots up, a blue screen appears, and the download is interrupted by
9.1. Stop-errors Windows, or the "blue screens of death"
9.2. Setting the memory dump
9.3. We catch the information from the memory dump using the program
Debugging tools for Windows
Configuring the program and analyzing the memory dump from the console
Analysis of the memory dump with the window interface Win Dbg
9.4. Bluescreenview - advanced analysis capabilities of the system failure, resulting in a blue screen
9.5. Artificial creation of the blue screen of death
9.6. BSOD, yes not the one, or about the black screen of death
9.7. List of names of the most common stop-errors, leading to the blue screens of death
Chapter 10. A CD or DVD can not be read. How to recover data from "bad" disks
10.1. Selection of the drive
10.2. Mechanical damage to the discs and how to get rid of them. Polishing
10.3. Software data recovery
Chapter 11. The computer after turning on "squeals" and does not load
11.1. What are these sounds?
11.2. What are the audio signals in Award BIOS
11.3. What are the audio signals in the AMI BIOS
11.4. What do the audio signals in Phoenix BIOS mean.

Title: "Glitches", crashes and computer errors. Solve the problems themselves
Author of the book: Zhukhovtsev MD, Prokdi RG, Finkova MA and others
Year of manufacture: 2013
Publisher: Science and Technology
Pages: 237
Format: DjVu
The size of the archive: 46.9 mb

Download "Glitches", crashes and computer errors. Solve the problems themselves /Zhukhovtsev MD, Prokdi RG, Finkova MA /2013
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